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The Great 28

QCity Metro

Feb 7, 2022

Black Charlotteans who are shaping our city

Charlotte is becoming.

No matter how you read those words, they say something true about the place we call home.

Yes, Charlotte is fetching, attractive, lovely and even stylish. But it can also be said that our city is in the process of becoming.

Unlike some other cities whose reputations are fixed, Charlotte is not yet fully formed — and that’s a good thing. It means we can become whatever we make of ourselves.

Each year in celebration of Black History Month, QCity Metro salutes 28 Black Charlotteans – one for each day in February – who are helping in a positive way to shape our emerging city.

Today we offer you that list.

Trimming our nominees to 28 is always daunting, and we considered many deserving candidates who didn’t survive the final cut…this year. (Note: we voted to exclude last year’s honorees, although many continue to make noteworthy contributions.)

I am proud of the list we’ve compiled. More so, I am proud of the women and men now inducted into our Class of 2022. Their commitments span the depth and breadth of our city – nonprofits, corporate, community, government, faith, education and more.

Thank you to one and all; the work you do makes Charlotte a better place.

Glenn H. Burkins, publisher

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